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Thank you for visiting my site.

The images here are a mix taken since 2012, when I first became interested in photography.

You'll see that I love black and white photos. Though color adds flavors and creates different visual impact, to me, black and white highlights the structure and stories of images that last.

My favorite subjects include cityscapes and buildings, and the staggered lines and shapes between structures fascinate me. I also enjoy candid shots of people working behind the scenes. I try to capture the charm of those who are focused and passionate and in the moment.

Photography is a way of living and understanding life.  And pictures can capture the expression of emotions, simple and direct. Because of that, I barely use photoshop modifications but instead focus on lines and contrast. 

It is my hope to explore new and different places to create more and better pictures to share with all of you.




Urban Sense Of Power  (Hong Kong)

MAY 26 - NOVEMBER 10 - 2017

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